New years resolutions let us take advantage of shared motivation as we all look forward from the unified starting line of the new year. With collective momentum, we can dream with clarity and focus and flow toward achieving our refreshed goals.

My 2018 resolutions include:
1. Write two blog posts per month 
2. Start the day with a prayer/focused meditation/intention – beyond the obvious “find coffee within 45 minutes of waking.” Consider other similar rituals to integrate into the usual
3. Run two or more 5k races
4. Commit to practicing piano/keyboard
5. Graduate from Duquesne University with my master’s degree
6. Host a couple dinner parties each month
7. Wear lipstick once a week – I always like how it looks and also I own a supply sufficient to pretty me up well into my 80s.

Others to consider:
7. Send one personal card per week via snail mail
8. Join a church choir
9. Research doula education and work
10. Play with polymer clay
11. Organize a mural painting on the Brighton Heights concrete wall at the intersection of route 65, Brighton Heights Blvd, and the McKees Rocks bridge (it’s just begging for some pep).

I think I’ll do “quarterly progress reports” as many of my most favorite blogsters do.


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  1. I LOVE this! So many life-affirming AND creative goals! You have inspired me to set my pen in motion to compose my own!


  2. I have been waiting for this! I love you and blogs. These are great goals and I will commit to doing a race with you this year….I want to beat my last time haha even if by a second.


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