Whole Foods and Amazon :(

I don’t usually go to Whole Foods but Bryn and I found ourselves there this weekend as Cory met up to buy a (nother) fixer upper guitar from someone in the parking lot.

Whole Foods has sales exclusively for people who have Amazon Prime. I do not have Amazon Prime and I do not want Amazon Prime. I did, however, want to get a whole chicken from Whole Foods for dinner.

Amazon wastes plastic shipping material and fuel so that I can have as much as I want, as quickly as I want, as often as I want. Amazon doesn’t treat employees very well. It’s the embodiment of consumerism and wastefulness. It is both growing in size and expanding to offer more media and robot assistant Alexa and basically every product ever and now groceries. It is gigantic and makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know that Whole Foods is an amazing benevolent company, but they surely give the impression of trying to reduce wastefulness (at least, it feels like it when I forget to bring my own grocery bags), source responsibly and ethically-grown and raised food, and treat employees well. This contradicts Amazon’s practices.

So, I found the whole chickens and they were about $2 per pound cheaper for those with Prime. I did not get a chicken, but I did say into the ether (well, the hot foods section) “I will not get Amazon Prime to buy groceries” then I added the creamer from their coffee booth to my coffee that I brought from home (thank you/sorry).

I shop on Amazon sometimes. There isn’t a point here other than to vent some frustration.

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